Domaine Spiropoulos Mantinia  2012 750ml
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Domaine Spiropoulos Mantinia 2012

Domaine Spiropoulos - Peloponnese - Greece - Mantinia

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Rated 90 by Robert Parker
The 2012 Estate white with just Domaine Spiropoulos on the label and Mantinia at the bottom, is the flagship Moschofilero here, coming in at 12.5% alcohol this year. It has a bit of a tinge of color from skin contact because, said Apostolos Spiropoulos to me, “we do not do anything (like strict fining etc) to get rid of the color since we believe that first of all we lose a lot from the wine and secondly this is a wine coming from dark grapes and people should start knowing the difference.” Spiropoulos has certainly emerged as a reliable Moscho producer and this is a rather interesting example in a year that Apostolos called “unique”...
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90Robert Parker

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Vintage: 2012

2012 has, so far been a positive year for wineries around the world. While it may be a little too early to speak of the wines being made in the northern hemisphere, European and North American wineries have already begun reporting that their harvesting season has been generally very good, and are predicting to continue with the kind of successes they saw in 2011. However, 2012 has been something of a late year for France, due to unpredictable weather throughout the summer, and the grapes were ripening considerably later than they did in 2011 (which was, admittedly, an exceptionally early year). French wineries are claiming, though, that this could well turn out to be advantageous, as the slow ripening will allow the resulting wines to express more flavour and features of the terroir they are grown in. The southern hemisphere has seen ideal climatic conditions in most of the key wine producing countries, and Australia and New Zealand particularly had a superb year, in particular with the Bordeaux varietal grapes that grow there and which love the humidity these countries received plenty of. Also enjoying a fantastic year for weather were wineries across Argentina and Chile, with the Mendoza region claiming that 2012 will be one of their best vintages of the past decade. Similar claims are being made across the Chilean wine regions, where Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon had an especially good year. These two grape varietals also produced characterful wines on the coastal regions of South Africa this year.

Country: Greece

Few countries in the world can claim such an illustrious history of viticulture as that found in Greece, just as few countries can benefit from such an impressive range of terrain as that found across the mainland and islands of this ancient and fascinating land. When we consider that grapes are grown everywhere from the tiny islands in the Aegean sea, to larger land masses such as Rhodes and Crete, on the arid and rocky mainland and mountainous regions of Greek Macedonia, it is no wonder Greek wines show such huge diversity in style, flavor, aroma and character. One thing remains consistent, however, and that is the dedication to producing distinctly 'Greek' wines, full of characteristics which reflect the slow evolution of viticulture in a country which has been producing wine for several thousand years. Whilst certain wines, such as Retsina and those made from the Agiorghitiko grapes have long since been popular with fine wine drinkers world-wide, Greek wineries are continuing to produce superb wines using a wide range of native and imported grape varietals, meaning there are always plenty of new flavors and aromas to discover.