Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does available in 4-6 business days mean?

    These wines will take 4-6 business days to process and ship from our location. This does not include the time it takes for delivery from our location to yours. If you need the wines by a certain date please make a note of it with your order. If we are not able to fill it within the time you need we will notify you within 1 business day.

  • Why can't you ship to my State?

  • Because of the different laws in each state we are not able to ship to every state. If your state is not in the shipping list we are not able to ship to you at this time.

  • How do I know how many you have in stock of a particual item?

  • Our customer service department has the same information as what appears on the site. If a wine is displaying as available, please place the order for the quantity you desire and our customer service department will notify you if there is any issue in filling your order.

  • How much are the shipping charges to my state?

  • Shipping charges are based on the products selected and destination. Add the items you would like to your cart and on the cart page there is an estimated shipping button. Enter your information and it will display your shipping options.

  • How long will my order take to get to me?

  • Depending on what items you ordered - if the item mentions that it is available in 4-6 business days, the products will ship from our location in 4-6 business days and then the actual delivery time will vary depending on where you are shipping the wine to.