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Hunt Country Brut Chardonnay Champagne NV 750ml

-Fermented in the bottle, this fine, nearly dry Brut Champagne is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes; makes any occasion a celebration!- - Winery
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Hunt Country Classic Red NV 750ml

Classic Red is a well-balanced medium-bodied Beaujolais style red wine. We have blended and aged Baco Noir, Chancellor, and deChaunac to produce a...
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Hunt Country Seyval Blanc 750ml

Seyval is one of the most popular of the French-American varieties. Hunt Country Vineyards Seyval Blanc is made in a French style. The wine is...
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Hunt Country White Foxy Lady Italy Hill NV 750ml

-A flavor of vine ripe grapes at harvest time. It's fresh, fruity and delightfully sweet. This luscious wine is best served chilled or over ice...

Hunt Country Winery

New York Wine, Finger Lakes

About Hunt Country Vineyard Wines

Fine wines are our business, but not our only business. The same hands on care afforded our grapes and wines is passed on to our visitors too, making a visit to our winery on Keuka Lake one of the most informative, and enjoyable experiences in New York Wine Country

Hunt Country Vineyards is a family-owned and operated winery, Art & Joyce Hunt are the sixth generation to till the soil on this Century Farm and they'll make you feel like part of the family too.

Hunt Country Vineyards is located one mile up Italy Hill Road from Route 54A in Branchport. We're in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Did you know that Route 54A along the west shore of Keuka Lake, has been chosen by British Airways "Highlife" magazine as one of the most scenically spectacular highways in the world?