Jokigen Junmai Ginjo  NV 1.8Ltr
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Jokigen Junmai Ginjo NV

Jokigen - Japan
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12 Bottle
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Winery: Jokigen

Country: Japan

For almost two thousand years, Japan has been producing high quality alcoholic drinks made from the ingredients available to them on their rich and fertile soils and mountainsides. The most popular and highly esteemed 'wines' of Japan are undoubtedly sake, a type of fermented rice wine, and the delicious, sweet and aromatic plum wines which are widely loved around the world. Both drinks are inextricably linked with Japanese cuisine and culture, and both are growing in popularity in the western world along with many other aspects of this amazing and unique country. Because of this boom in popularity over recent years, the sake and plum wine industry of Japan has remained strong, and it continues to be an industry steeped in tradition and many fascinating practices undertaken to keep quality at a high level.