Porcupine Ridge Syrah  2013 750ml
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Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2013

Porcupine Ridge - Franschhoek - South Africa

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Rated 88 by Wine Spectator
“Offers a lightly roasted feel, with an espresso frame to the flavors of ganache, steeped plum and blackberry fruit that hang through the finish, where a note of white pepper flickers."
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Additional Information on Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2013

Winery: Porcupine Ridge

Varietal: Syrah

There continues to be much debate surrounding the name of the Shiraz/Syrah grape varietal, with many experts still quite unsure which came first. Indeed, even the origins of this varietal are more or less unknown, despite it being most commonly associated with the Rhone Valley of France, and New World countries, most notably Australia. However, its popularity and unique characteristics have seen it planted all over the world, where it continues to impress with its powerful flavors and wonderfully spicy notes of pepper and clove. Shiraz/Syrah wines are renowned also for their versatility, and are regularly used in single variety still and sparkling wines, as well as blended and oak aged wines which demonstrate its ability to express its terroir and secondary flavors very well.

Country: South Africa

Perhaps the most famous and well respected of all the wine regions in South Africa is that of Constantia, which holds many of the oldest and most traditional wineries in the country. Here, the temperate climate receives the Atlantic winds which cool the vineyards, and the fertile soil allows the grapes to grow to full ripeness, resulting in highly flavorful wines which are enjoyed around the world. Whilst Sauvignon Blanc varietals make up the most widely exported wines of this region, the rest of the country produces a huge and impressive range of wines, made up from varietals native to many different European countries. From excellent Champagne style sparkling wines, to aromatic fortified examples, fruity reds and refreshing whites, South Africa continues to impress and surprise, with modern techniques and technologies leading the way and producing exceptional results.