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Occasionally, our listed prices may be incorrect or the bottle size may be incorrect. For example a 750ml size may be incorrectly priced as a 375ml bottle. When such situations occur, The Saratoga Wine Exchange shall be held harmless for the error. We make every effort to make sure that our product database is accurate, however mistakes do happen. We will not honor an incorrect pricing. In all cases, the customer will be contacted before any charges are made to the credit card for a decision to proceed or not proceed with the order at the correct price.


All wine is sold in the State of New York, and the title passes to the buyer in New York. As such, the appropriate sales tax for the county of destination will be charged on all product shipped within New York state. On orders shipped to destinations outside New York state, no sales tax is charged with the exception of NH shipments that require 8% New Hampshire state tax.


If you're not happy with a purchase, we'll do everything we can to make you happy. We will gladly accept returns within 90 days of the delivery date that meet the following criteria.

We will always replace or refund a wine found to be "corked" once it has been returned and determined to be "corked,” however we cannot accept returns for sound wines that do not coincide with personal tastes. In the case of “corked” wines, we will replace or refund all unopened bottles and the first opened bottle. Please do not continue to open bottles of the same wine once one has been found faulty.

We ask our customers to acknowledge that wine is a living thing, easily bruised, damaged, or killed in a variety of ways. All wine sold by us is maintained at optimum conditions. We consider wine to be out of our control once it has been handed over to the shipper. We cannot be responsible for improper storage (storing on top of your refrigerator, in your car, or in your freezer, for example).

Know your palate: Older wines (ten years or more) may differ from their characteristics on release - and still be great wines. If you purchase older wines, be patient and allow the wine to open.

If you need to make a return, please contact info@saratogawine.com and we'll make the process easy for you..


  • The Saratoga Wine Exchange reserves the right to hold shipment of your wine during extreme weather conditions. Although unlikely, we reserve the right to raise prices for shipping/handling without notice. The Saratoga Wine Exchange cannot be responsible for damage to wine (including leakage or damaged corks) shipped to you against our express protestations in regards to weather conditions.
  • The Saratoga Wine Exchange cannot be responsible for wine damaged by a shipper or inappropriate storage/handling on the part of the buyer, although we will make a reasonable effort to resolve any disputes. We reserve the right to refuse sales if we deem it to be inappropriate and/or unsafe.
  • The Saratoga Wine Exchange cannot be held responsible for wine damaged due to being shipped during periods of extreme heat or extreme cold. We will gladly store your wines free of charge until there are more moderate temperatures. If you must have wine shipped during extreme weather we recommend that you only use air shipping in such cases. Ground shipping times can vary widely and are not guaranteed by the delivery companies leaving your wines exposed to the elements for longer than recommended. If you choose to have your wines shipped using the ground rate, we cannot guarantee the wines condition and will not accept returns of damaged wines due to excessive heat or cold. Please call regarding shipping if you have any questions about the best way to ship you please call prior to placing an order.
  • Shipping containers: The Saratoga Wine Exchange uses Styrofoam packaging containers with protected compartments for each bottle. This has proven to be the most effective packaging available for shipping wine bottles. In addition to excellent mechanical protection for the bottles, a measure of temperature insulation is also provided.
  • We cannot ship to PO, APO, or FPO box offices.
  • We do not ship outside the U.S.
  • Orders to Alaska or Hawaii must only be shipped 2nd Day Air.
  • For orders larger than 12 bottles, We will ship in separate boxes. Example: 14 bottles will be shipped as 12 bottles and as 2 bottles.
  • 2nd Day delivery takes 2 business days from the date of shipment. If you place your order on Monday, the earliest you can hope to receive it would be Wednesday. If you need something delivered the next day, you must select Overnight as your shipping method.
  • Overnight and 2nd Day denote BUSINESS DAYS, they do not include Saturday and Sunday. An Overnight shipment placed Friday is a Monday Delivery
  • Overnight and 2nd Day orders must be placed by 8:00am central time in order to guarantee same day shipment for in-stock items.Saturday Deliveries must choose "SATURDAY" as the shipping option.
  • It is preferable to send 2nd Day and Overnight packages to a business address.
  • Incorrect, insufficient, or change of address will incure a $10.00 surcharge.
  • We reserve the right to charge return shipping for refused or undelivered packages.
  • Shipping is non refundable in event of returned packages
  • Please allow up to 2 business days for your order to be processed


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