Vaeni Naoussa Vaeni Retsina   1.5Ltr
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Vaeni Naoussa Vaeni Retsina

Vaeni Naoussa - Greece
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Winery: Vaeni Naoussa

Country: Greece

Thanks to thousands of years of viticulture, and a dedication to quality and experimentation, Greek wines remain in a league of their own and continue to surprise and delight wine lovers around the world. From the refined and delicious Agiorghitiko wines, with their deep ruby red color and intense fruit flavors, to the unusual and highly aromatic fortified wines made with the black Mavrodaphne grapes, Greek wine is renowned for its variety and consistent excellence. It seems the blazing Mediterranean sunshine allows wineries to make the most of the late harvests and all the intensity of flavor this brings, resulting in wines which are bursting with fruit-forward character and unusual aromas.