Villa Puccini Vin Santo  NV 500ml
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Villa Puccini Vin Santo NV

Villa Puccini - Italy
-Fermentation takes place in Slovenian Oak Casks and lasts for about 20 days. Each day a small quantity of sun-dried grapes is added to the fermenting must, causing the wine to become more fragrant and almost creamy in texture. A small amount o brandy made from the concentrated must of Malvasia and Trebbiano is then added. Enjoy Villa Puccini Vin Santo with Biscotti and other desserts. It is a very social wine meant to be a celebration with friends.- - Winery
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Winery: Villa Puccini

Country: Italy

There are few countries in the world with a viticultural history as long or as illustrious as that claimed by Italy. Grapes were first being grown and cultivated on Italian soil several thousand years ago by the Greeks and the Pheonicians, who named Italy 'Oenotria' the land of wines so impressed were they with the climate and the suitability of the soil for wine production. Of course, it was the rise of the Roman Empire which had the most lasting influence on wine production in Italy, and their influence can still be felt today, as much of the riches of the empire came about through their enthusiasm for producing wines and exporting it to neighbouring countries. Since those times, a vast amount of Italian land has remained primarily for vine cultivation, and thousands of wineries can be found throughout the entire length and breadth of this beautiful country, drenched in Mediterranean sunshine and benefiting from the excellent fertile soils found there. Italy remains very much a 'land of wines', and one could not imagine this country, its landscape and culture, without it.