Vinicola Aurora Carnaval Moscato   750ml
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Vinicola Aurora Carnaval Moscato

Vinicola Aurora - Brazil
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Winery: Vinicola Aurora

Varietal: Muscat

Muscat grapes are widely understood to be one of the oldest grape varietals in the world, with many experts claiming that a surprising amount of grape varietals used in the production of fines wines are in fact descendants of this original species. They are characterized by their high juice content, and the fact that they almost always hold a powerful and pleasant floral aroma, alongside bright, fresh and tart fruity flavors with have plenty of space for the expression of terroir. Muscat varietal grapes are renowned for being highly versatile, and are regularly used for the production of a vast range of wines still dry white wines, elegant sparkling wines, sweet dessert wines and aromatic fortified wines are all often made from this special and unique grape.