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Domaine Lecheneaut Nuits St Georges 1er Prulier 2008 750ml

Rated 89-90 - Dark cherry jam, peat, and hints of floral perfume scent the Lecheneaut 2008 Nuits-St.-Georges Les Pruliers, whose profusion of sweet...

2008 Burgundy

The region of Burgundy has become synonymous with high quality red wines, but in actual fact the region consistently produces a wide variety of fine wines of many different styles, rigorously protected by French wine laws designed to keep reputations and quality at a very high level. The region benefits greatly from a warm and sunny summer climate, which, coupled with the excellent quality soils which typify the region, and centuries of experience and expertise, has led to the region being known all over the world for the excellence of its produce. The majority of grapevines grown here are of the Pinot Noir varietal, which has helped Burgundy become known as the definitive region for elegant and smooth red wines, but Chardonnay grapes and many others are also grown in abundance and used to make both still and sparkling wines.