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Hunt Country Cabernet Franc 750ml

-A mouth filling, oak aged red wine with hints of black cherry and raspberries. Enjoy with lamb, fine cuts of beef, game and hearty bean dishes....
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Lexington Cabernet Franc Gist Ranch 2011 750ml

Rated 94 - The 2011 cabernet sauvignon bottling from Lexington includes twenty percent merlot in its cépages and was raised in twenty-eight...
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Lucas Cabernet Franc 750ml

-Reminiscent of the Cab Franc from Loire Valley of France. Oak aged vinfera red with hints of caramel and vanilla in the nose followed by a silky...

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is usually used as the higher acid, lower tannin blending grape in Bordeaux-style blends. However, Americans do produce lovely, varietally labeled Cabernet Francs from Sonoma, Long Island and the Napa Valley that are stylistically reminiscent of the wines of Chinon (a red wine appellation in the Loire Valley) and St. Emilion. Cabernet Franc is purple in color, with violets and raspberries in the nose, bright berry fruit, green pepper and a leafy, tobacco-like wood shavings undertone.