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Crystallum Chardonnay Clay Shales 2014 750ml

Rated 93 - The 2014 Clay Shales Chardonnay, from just outside Hemel-en-Aarde that actually performs better when it is cropped at a higher yield...
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Hamilton Russell Chardonnay 2014 750ml

Rated 93 - The 2014 Chardonnay has a very composed nose: hints of wild honey, citrus lemon, nutmeg and flint emerge from the glass, very nicely...

Chardonnay Walker Bay

Of all the white wine grape varietals, surely the one which has spread the furthest and is most widely appreciated is the Chardonnay. This green skinned grape is now grown all over the Old and New Worlds, from New Zealand to the Americas, from England to Chile, and is one of the first varietals people think of when considering white wine grapes. Perhaps this is because of its huge popularity which reached a peak in the 1990s, thanks to new technologies combining with traditional methods to bring the very best features out of the Chardonnay grape, and allow its unique qualities to shine through. Most fine Chardonnay wines use a process known as malolactic fermentation, wherein the malic acids in the grape juice are converted to lactic acids, allowing a creamier, buttery nature to come forward in the wine. No grape varietal is better suited to this process than Chardonnay, which manages to balance these silky, creamy notes with fresh white fruit flavors beautifully.