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Aa Badenhorst Red 2012 750ml

Rated 92 - The 2012 Family Red Blend, which had just been bottled, has a warm and inviting bouquet of red plums, squashed ripe strawberries and...
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Aa Badenhorst Rhone Blend Secateur 2012 750ml

Rated 90 - The 2012 Secateurs Red Blend has just nudged upward in my estimation since last year. Here, it has a very well-defined, quite sumptuous...
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Spice Route Chakalaka 2012 750ml

Rated 90 - Enticing, with warmed fruitcake, fig paste, blackberry coulis and licorice snap notes coiled together and carrying through the wood...

Coastal Region Red Blend Swartland

The coastal region of South Africa is one of the most prodigious and productive wine regions on earth, and one which covers a vast distance making up for most of the tip of the African continent. The history of South African wines is a fascinating and surprisingly long one, with the very first wines in the country being produced by settlers in the 1650s, long before many other New World countries had even been discovered. Today, coastal South African wines are wildly popular around the world thanks to their big, fruity flavors and relative simplicity. Wineries in the region make the most of the hot sunshine, the high quality soils, and the brisk oceanic winds which keep disease at bay and stop the grapes from getting too hot, and produce a wide variety of wines of great distinction.