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Jorge Ordonez & Co. Moscato Botani 2013 750ml

Rated 90 - One of my favorite dry white wines in the world is Jorge Ordoñez & Co.'s 2013 Botani, a dry Muscat from an area known for making...
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Jorge Ordonez & Co. Old Vines No 3 2006 375ml

Rated 93 - The 2006 Old Vines is late-harvested with the grapes dried in trays. It was fermented in new French oak with fermentation stopped by...
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Jorge Ordonez & Co. Victoria No 2 2012 375ml

Rated 95 - The 2012 Victoria No. 2 is made from 100% Moscatel de Alexandria and contains 10% alcohol. It is a selection of fruit from the family's...

Malaga Spain

Ever since the Phoenicians and Romans brought their knowledge of vine cultivation to Spanish soils, the country's culture has grown alongside wine production, with wine being a vital part of Spanish identity and Spanish traditions. Each region of Spain has a wine quite distinct from the others, and it is produced by smallholders and families as much as it is by large companies and established wineries. From the relatively mild and lush regions of La Rioja to the arid plateaus that surround Madrid, grapes are grown in abundance for the now booming Spanish wine industry, and new laws and regulations have recently been put in place to keep the country's standards high. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, Spanish wineries are continuing to produce distinctive wines of great character, flavor and aroma, with the focus shifting in recent decades to quality over quantity.