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Tabarrini Montefalco Sagrantino Campo Alla Cerqua 2011 750ml

Rated 92 - There's a rich, sanguine edge to the ripe flavors of spiced blackberry, currant, smoke, fig paste and herbed olive in this silky red,...


Umbria is a region of Central Italy, bordered by Tuscany to the west, the Marche to the east and Lazio to the south. This region is mostly hilly or mountainous. Its topography is dominated by the Apennines to the east.

Though the wine production in Umbria is limited the quality is outstanding and includes the Orvieto DOC, one of the best known and appreciated Italian whites produced around the city with the same name. It is a blend of four to five grapes, primarily Procanico, known also as Trebbiano Toscano (40% to 60%), Verdello (15% to 25%), Grechetto, Canaiolo Bianco, known also as Drupello, and/or Malvasia Toscana for the remainder. It is mostly found in the dry variety but, if you travel to the town of Orvieto, be sure to taste the Abboccato or "semi-sweet" variety.

Another little known wine produced and consumed locally that is a must tasting when traveling through the area is the Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG. This wine is made with of at least 95% of Sagrantino grapes. It is delicious with local meat, rich pastas and strong-flavored cheese recipes. It often reaches 14% alcohol by volume, just below the alcohol gradation of dessert wines such as Marsala, Sherry and Port.

Other regional wines include the Torgiano Rosso Riserva DOCG and the Assisi, Colli Altotiberini, Colli Amerini, Trasimeno, Colli Martani, Colli Perugini, Lago di Corbara, Montefalco, Rosso Orvietano and Torgiano DOC.