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D'oliveira Verdelho  1912 750ml
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D'oliveira Verdelho 1912 750ml
91 Robert Parker
Rated 91 - Aged for 95 years in the warehouse at Rua Visconde do Anadia, this bottle of 1912 Verdelho was better than the one encountered on the island in April 2010. It was the last family bottling from...

D'oliveira Verdelho  1932 750ml
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D'oliveira Verdelho 1932 750ml
92 Robert Parker
Rated 92 - The 1932 Verdelho is yet another ex-Adegas do Torreao bottling. It has a lucid deep amber hue. The nose is pure and refined with scents of quince, nougat, a mischievous touch of shellfish and...

D'oliveira Verdelho  1966 750ml
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D'oliveira Verdelho 1966 750ml
90 Robert Parker
Rated 90 - The 1966 Verdelho has a deep amber color as well as a light heather and toffee-scented bouquet with fine delineation. The palate is well-balanced with crisp acidity and vibrant, walnut-infused...

Martinsancho Rueda  2013 750ml
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Martinsancho Rueda 2013 750ml
90 Decanter
Rated 90 - (aged in large, old wooden tanks): Light yellow. Pungent, mineral-accented aromas of lemon pith and green apple, with subtle herbal and floral qualities adding complexity. Fleshy and smooth...