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Maculan Acininobili 2006 375ml

Rated 96 - The 2006 Acininobili is gorgeous beyond words. The wine is made of air-dried Vespaiola and shows more intensity than the Torcolato....
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Maculan Torcolato 2011 375ml

Rated 94 - This is a very powerful vintage of Torcolato with masses of creme brulée and burnt orange. Full body, very sweet and a long and...
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Tommasi Amarone 2012 375ml

Rated 93 - A red with dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas. Full-bodied, round and fruity. Soft, velvety tannins and a flavorful finish. Very...

375ml Veneto

As historically one of the most important regions in the world regarding trade and experimentation, it comes as no surprise to discover that Veneto has always been a well respected and innovative wine region. This area of north-easterly area of Italy benefits greatly from a continental climate tempered by the Alps, and plenty of influence from the Germanic countries it is near to. Veneto is most commonly associated with beautifully elegant white wines, such as those of Soave, and has over ninety thousand hectares under vine. Impressively, within that area, over a third of the vineyards in the Veneto region have been granted official AOC status, and many of the sub-regions and appellations of Veneto have gone on to be world-famous in regards to quality. One such example is Valpolicella, where some of Italy's finest and most complex red wines are produced.