A.J. Adam Riesling Trocken 2018 750ml
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A.J. Adam Riesling Trocken 2018

Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Germany

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Rated 90 by Wine Advocate
The fuder-fermented 2018 Dhroner Riesling Trocken displays a clear and shining golden-yellow color. Clear tropical fruit aromas intertwine with refreshing crunchy slate notes on the nose, leading to an elegant, fresh and finely textured palate that is not spectacularly dense but super aromatic, fresh and fine, with remarkable lightness and finesse for 2018. The finish is crisp, crunchy and highly stimulating. Tasted from tank one day after the wine was filtered. Tasted in April 2019.

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Winery A.J. Adam

Country: Germany

As in many Old World countries, the rise of viticulture in Germany came about as a result of the Roman Empire, who saw the potential for vine cultivation in the vast flatlands around the base of the Rhine valley. Indeed, for over a thousand years, Germany's wine production levels were enormous, with much of the south of the country being used more or less exclusively for growing grapes. Over time, this diminished to make way for expanding cities and other types of industries, but Southern Germany remains very much an important wine region within Europe, with many beautifully balanced and flavorful German wines being prized by locals and international wine lovers alike. The hills around Baden-Baden and Mannheim are especially noteworthy, as these produce the high end of the characteristic semi-sweet white wines which couple so perfectly with German cheeses and pickled vegetables. However, all of Germany's wine producing regions have something special and unique to offer, and are a joy to explore and experience.