Absolut Raspberry Vodka  1.0Ltr
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Absolut Raspberry Vodka


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Rated 89 by Wine Enthusiast
The opening perfume is extremely raspberry-like; aeration tones down the jammy intensity a little as the bouquet turns seed-like. The palate entry is fruity, mildly sweet, ripe and pleasant; at midpalate there's a slight embers-on-the-tongue warmth that accompanies the ripe raspberry flavor. Ends comfortably fruity and acidic.
If to be really picky, raspberry is a drupe and not a berry – but whatever; it goes with nearly anything! Absolut Raspberri has attracted some serious fans throughout the years, mostly for its versatility. Super easy to mix and tastes great! Cool your friends with a Raspiroska for those hot summer nights out, or treat your true love with a Raspberri Chocolate Martini on Valentine’s Day to set the mood.

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