Alvear Sherry Amontillado Solera Fundacion  750ml
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Alvear Sherry Amontillado Solera Fundacion

Jerez - Sherry - Andalucia - Spain

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Rated 95 by Wine Advocate
I'm not too sure if the NV Amontillado Viejísimo Solera Fundación is a repackaging of the NV Solera Fundación Amontillado 1729, as the wines shared a similar profile of very old Amontillado. This is their oldest, top Amontillado, an extremely old wine (viejísimo is the superlative for old, very old); none of the people who work in the winery today participated in the vinification of this wine, as they estimate it average age to be around 50 years old. The palate is very intense and powerful, with pungent, penetrating and persistent flavors, lifted, no doubt by the alcohol level, which is high by sheer concentration provided by the old age. It has varnish and hazelnuts, and a special, chalky sapidity. There is always a special rusticity I associate with dusty roads and tree bark that come to mind in these old Montillas. This is simply superb. 1,000 bottles filled at the end of December 2015, lot L5329.

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Winery Alvear

Country: Spain

Ever since the Phoenicians and Romans brought their knowledge of vine cultivation to Spanish soils, the country's culture has grown alongside wine production, with wine being a vital part of Spanish identity and Spanish traditions. Each region of Spain has a wine quite distinct from the others, and it is produced by smallholders and families as much as it is by large companies and established wineries. From the relatively mild and lush regions of La Rioja to the arid plateaus that surround Madrid, grapes are grown in abundance for the now booming Spanish wine industry, and new laws and regulations have recently been put in place to keep the country's standards high. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, Spanish wineries are continuing to produce distinctive wines of great character, flavor and aroma, with the focus shifting in recent decades to quality over quantity.