Ballard Lane Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 750ml
SKU 823938

Ballard Lane Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Paso Robles - San Luis Obispo - California - United States

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The aromas burst forth as juicy, fruity, complex and appealing. Primary and bright dark berry fruits (framboise, cherry, dense blackcurrant) oak-spice, pine forest, and cedar hints. The flavor profile is medium bodied with excellent depth, richness and length on the finish. Fresh/juicy/primary dark berry fruits from attack through finish. Oak is very well integrated and the wine has an admirable completeness, verve and smoothness rarely tasted at this price point.

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Winery Ballard Lane

Region: California

Since the 18th century, California has been a hugely important and influential wine region, acting as a trailblazer for other New World wine regions and utilizing an important blend of traditional and contemporary practices, methods and techniques relating to their wine production. Split into four key areas – the North Coast, the Central Coast, the South Coast and the Central Valley – Californian wineries make the most of their ideal climate and rich variety of terrains in order to produce a fascinating range of wines made with a long list of different fine grape varietals. Today, the state has almost half a million acres under vine, and is one of the world's largest wine exporters, with Californian wines being drunk and enjoyed all across the globe.

Country: United States

Whilst there are several strains of native grape varietals in the United States, it was the introduction of the European species which prompted the country to begin producing wines on a large scale. Over the past few centuries, experimentation and cross-breeding has produced great successes in regards to the quality and suitability of the fruit grown in states such as California, Oregon, Washington and New York, and the past few decades have seen New World wines from the United States reach much higher standards. Arguably the finest United States wines have always come out of California, where the climate and terrroir is most suitable for fine wine production. The masterful blending of classic grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, amongst others including Syrah and Chardonnay, have had world beating results in recent years, prompting many to suggest that there has never been a better time for buying and drinking United States wines.