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Barton and Guestier - with almost three centuries of experience in the wine business, the Barton and Guestier name is known to millions of consumers worldwide. The brand's expertise guarantees quality of rare regularity, and reassures the consumers in an increasingly complicated market.

Barton and Guestier is always attuned to the needs of consumers in different markets and therefore constantly innovates. The company not only sells wine, but also conveys a message of quality via its wines, its packaging, its distribution, as well as its communication and promotional tools.



Very good on the Right Bank (Saint-Emilion), good elsewhere too, the Bordeaux 2008 is of really excellent quality.

The main differentiating factor between vintage 2008 and vintage 2007 is an important one: the yield. Because of a high rate of flower shatter during blossoming, the yields were limited naturally, allowing a better ripening and a greater concentration of flavours in the grapes. The cool summer weather participated in the excellent conservation of the fruit, and the sunny month of September allowed the tannins to ripen well. Many red wines, including Château Magnol 2008, offer an impressive density and tannic structure: the tannins are tender and smooth. They are so inviting and fruity that they could be enjoyed younger.


Wine producers are quite confident about the 2008 vintage. The wines are generally showing good body along with satisfactory acidity levels (although lower than in 2007.) The precise, rigorous work of our vine-growing partners has once again allowed us to produce great quality wines. The Barton and Guestier Chablis and Macon Villages 2008 are now in bottle and available on the markets. The wines are already showing an expressive aromatic character and a lovely balance. Not to be missed! The Barton and Guestier Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages 2008 will be fresh, with typical fruity notes, and soft and silky tannins.


We can thank the sun for this great 2008! But let's not forget the extremely low yields compared to 2007, mainly caused by the April frost, especially in Muscadet (-50%) and in Rosé d'Anjou (-30%)! The white wines (Sancerre, Muscadet, Vouvray) are promising, lively and harmonious. The Barton and Guestier Rosé d'Anjou 2008, now bottled, boasts an excellent balance and a great aromatic complexity (notes of red fruit). So the vintage 2008 promises consumers wines suited to all palates: refreshing, attractive wines with flattering aromas.


The Barton and Guestier Côtes du Rhône and Châteauneuf du Pape 2008 offer colourful wines with a wonderful aromatic complexity. In both these wines the tannins are nicely present and the finish is promising. This is looking like a well-structured and generous vintage. 2008 is a vintage about Terroirs and Men. The weather conditions were not always favourable to our partner vine growers, who had to make an extra effort throughout the season to produce this quality vintage.


2008 is a small quantity but big quality vintage. The Chardonnay Barton and Guestier 2008 shows a pleasant balance between freshness and aromatic richness (dominated by notes of tropical fruit). Our Shiraz Rosé has benefited from this grape variety's particular success in 2008. It offers an attractive colour and excellent freshness. Just like raspberry-coloured sweets! The colour of the red wines is also very vibrant. The fruity aromas are very present in the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The tannins are present but silky. A velvet vintage!


The Barton and Guestier Pinot Noir 2008 is a real success, quite exuberant both on the nose and in the palate with a nice freshness. It's developing intense aromas of black fruit (cherry, blackcurrant), mingling with notes of spice, tobacco and mocha. A beautiful vintage!


Low yields, hand selection of the grapes and perfect mastery of the vinification were the keys to the excellent quality of the Barton and Guestier Sauvignon Blanc 2008. An explosive nose of grapefruit, pineapple and tropical fruit. Particularly lively in the palate, this wine will seduce you with its intense freshness and aromatic persistence.

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