Benjamin Leroux Auxey Duresses Blanc 2017 750ml
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Benjamin Leroux Auxey Duresses Blanc 2017

Auxey Duresses - Cote De Beaune - Burgundy - France

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Rated 90 by Vinous Media
Distinctly more lemon-limey and stony on the nose Monthélie Les Duresses, with a tangy hint of orange and an element of leesy complexity. A supple, ripe, fruit bomb on the palate, offering a silky mouthfeel and a suggestion of banana. Best today on the broad, dense, firm finish, which delivers a subtle hazelnutty quality and lovely subtle salty minerality.

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Winery Benjamin Leroux

Region: Burgundy

The wines which come out of the Burgundy region of France are regularly hailed as amongst the finest in the world, with the area now being synonymous with quality red wines of exceptional flavor, character and aroma. However, Burgundy is no newcomer to the world of fine wines, with the earliest recordings of the quality of this region's produce dating back to the 6th century, and archaeological evidence suggesting that vineyards had been cultivated there for over two thousand years. Today, there are dozens of controlled appellations within Burgundy, each producing exceptional wines typical of the region. The whole area benefits greatly from hot summers and mild, long autumnal periods, which, when coupled with the generations of expertise of the wineries in Burgundy, consistently produces superb wines for the world's enjoyment.

Country: France

French winemakers are subjected to several laws and regulations regarding the wines they produce, and how they can be labeled and sold. Such procedures are designed to increase the overall quality of the country's produce, and also to ensure that wines made in each particular region or appellation are of a character and type which is representative of the area. Thankfully for consumers of wine world-wide, the French have a particularly high reputation to uphold, and seem to do so flawlessly. Every year, wineries from all over France produce millions upon millions of bottles of fine wine, making the most of their native grape varieties and the excellent terrain which covers most of the country. From the expensive and exquisite red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the white wines and cremants of central France, the French are dedicated to providing the world with wines of the highest quality and most distinctive character.

Appellation: Cote De Beaune

Anyone who knows anything about fine white wines, and especially fine Chardonnay wines, will surely tell you that there is nowhere on earth quite as impressive as Cote De Beaune when it comes to this particular grape varietal. This beautiful part of the Cote d'Or has been producing many of the world's finest Chardonnay wines for centuries, and their blend of traditional and modern techniques mean that their reputation has been upheld and maintained in the twenty-first century. However, it isn't all about white wine in Cote De Beaune, as the area also produces vast amounts of characterful and interesting red wines, predominantly made from the Pinot Noir grape. Cote De Beaune Pinot Noir tends to be lighter and fruitier than others, and absolutely delicious.