Bertaud Belieu Rose Cuvee Prestige 2016 750ml
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Bertaud Belieu Rose Cuvee Prestige 2016

Cotes De Provence - Provence - France

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Elegant, delicate and gently exotically perfumed wine made by grapes skin contact with the must during a cold maceration just after destemming (method typical for Côtes de Provance rosé wines).

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Winery Bertaud Belieu

Region: Provence

The region of Provence is known throughout the world as being the home of delicious flavors, evocative rolling landscapes, and a dedication to tradition and the quiet life unmatched by anywhere else in France. Such things apply wholeheartedly to the wine industry of the region, too, and Provence has held a reputation for excellence in viticulture which stretches back over thousands of years. Indeed, Provence is widely understood to be amongst the oldest wine regions in the world, with Greeks, Gauls and Pheonicians all understood to have cultivated vines there over the centuries. Today, Provence is most renowned for its superb rosé wines, of which there are many. Indeed, rosé wine make up for over sixty percent of the wines of Provence, with red and white varieties made in smaller quantities, but with the same meticulous attention to detail, tradition and brilliance.

Country: France

France is renowned across the globe for its quality wines and the careful expertise which goes into making them, but what is truly remarkable about this relatively small country is the vast range of wines it produces in such huge amounts each year. Not only are the finest red wines in the world said to come from the beautiful regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but elsewhere in the country we find the Champagne region, and areas such as the Rhone Valley and the Loire, whose white wines consistently receive awards and accolades by the plenty. This range is a result of the great variety of climatic conditions and terrain found in France, coupled with generations of wine makers working within single appellations. Their knowledge of specific terroirs and grape varieties has, over time, perfected the production of wines within their region, and the end results continue to impress the world to this day.