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Bodegas Luzon Colleccion Monastrell 2023 750ml

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2023 2021 2020
Intense Purple in color with aroma that are reminiscent of redberry fruits such as cherries, strawberries and blackplums and a spicy finish. It is juicy and fresh with a pronounced, captivating body and a long vibrant finish.
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Bodegas Luzon Colleccion Monastrell 2023 750ml

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Deep cherry with garnet rim, its aromas are expressive and intense, with notes of red-berry and black fruits, spicy...
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Bottle: $13.43
Intense Purple in color with aroma that are reminiscent of redberry fruits such as cherries, strawberries and...
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Winery Bodegas Luzon
green grapes

Varietal: Mourvedre

Mourvèdre is a fascinating and ancient grape varietal, thought to have been introduced to Spain by the ancient Phoenicians over two thousand years ago. Since then, it has found a home in many regions of France, and has gone on to be a key grape varietal in the New World, where it is often blended with Grenache and Syrah varietals to make a beautifully rounded and balanced red wine. The Mourvèdre grape itself is renowned for holding a complex set of flavours, which are often described as meaty or gamey, with plenty of bramble fruit notes. As such, they are often served with dark meats, and are enjoyed in many countries across the globe. The grapes are not the easiest to cultivate, as they require plenty of sunshine alongside well irrigated soil. However, their quality and unique attributes mean that wineries all over the globe continue to persevere with this special varietal.

Country: Spain

Spanish wines are renowned world-wide for carrying all the passion and character of the Spanish culture within them. Any lover of Spanish wine would undoubtedly be able to confirm this notion, as the variety and range of flavors and aromas coming from the high end of Spanish produce is truly impressive, and continues to delight and fascinate both newcomers and the more experienced. Spain benefits massively from an ideal climate for wine production and vine cultivation, with its long, scorching hot summers and far reaching oceanic breezes working perfectly with the native and imported grape varietals, which thrive on the mineral rich soils that cover much of the country. With centuries of knowledge, and generations of expertise under their belts, Spanish wineries continue to focus on raising the quality of their nation's wines, helped along the way by relatively new laws and regulations regarding regional excellence and representativeness.