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Boundary Breaks Bubbly Dry Riesling 356 2019 750ml

United States
New York
Finger Lakes
Rated 89 by Wine Enthusiast
This is a tasty bubbly Riesling that dazzles in ripe red apple and lemon flavors. It's brisk, frothy and fruity, with a fine balance between a zesty mousse and crisp fruit flavors. It cinches up nicely on the dry finish. ... More details
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Boundary Breaks Bubbly Dry Riesling 356 2019 750ml

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green grapes

Varietal: Champagne Blend

There are few areas in the world with a reputation quite as famous and respected as that of Champagne in France, and almost every wine region on earth has imitated or has been influenced by the careful process mastered by the wineries of Champagne. However, it is in the grape varietals which thrive in this region where the secrets to the Champagne's success can be found – the acidic, flavorful Chardonnay grapes meeting the characterful Pinot Noir varietal, and coming together to produce something wonderful in the bottle. There are actually seven varietals allowed by French wine law for the production of Champagne wines, all of which are used by wineries to accentuate each others finest points and maintain the reputation of this very special region, the home to some extremely high quality grapes.

Region: New York

To get some idea of how well established many of the wineries in New York state are, one only has to look to certain locations around the Hudson River area of the region, where there are several wineries which have vineyards dating back over three hundred years. This relatively long tradition of wine-making for a New World country has resulted in some truly exceptional wines, making the most of the imported grape varietals which thrive in the cooler, damper climatic conditions which characterize the state. New York today produces a wide range of wine styles, but is mostly known for its white wines made from such esteemed varietals as Riesling and Pinot Noir, and a few superb sparkling wines which demonstrate the strengths of the Chardonnay grapes grown there.

Country: United States

Of all the New World wine countries, perhaps the one which has demonstrated the most flair for producing high quality wines - using a combination of traditional and forward-thinking contemporary methods - has been the United States of America. For the past couple of centuries, the United States has set about transforming much of its suitable land into vast vineyards, capable of supporting a wide variety of world-class grape varietals which thrive on both the Atlantic and the Pacific coastlines. Of course, we immediately think of sun-drenched California in regards to American wines, with its enormous vineyards responsible for the New World's finest examples of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot based wines, but many other states have taken to viticulture in a big way, with impressive results. Oregon, Washington State and New York have all developed sophisticated and technologically advanced wine cultures of their own, and the output of U.S wineries is increasing each year as more and more people are converted to their produce.