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The white wines of Burgundy have always been considered among the best in the world. The wineries based there use native varietals like Chardonnay, and process them with a range of traditional and modern techniques, alongside a reverence for the grape and its ultimate expression in ways unmatched by other regions. Beautiful terroir, interesting mineral-rich soils, low yielding vines and reliable climatic conditions certainly help too, and Burgundy remains a region of France that continues to impress after more than a thousand years of viticulture. The winery of Bret Brothers, situated in the prestigious Maconnais sub-region of Burgundy, is a fantastic example of how this special part of France has successfully moved into the twenty-first century, and still has plenty to offer.

Bret Brothers was founded in 2000, when Jean-Guillaume and Jean-Phillipe Bret took over Domaine la Soufrandiere, with the vision to take the characterful white wines the domaine was producing out of the local co-op, and bring them the international audience they felt they deserved. The brothers recognized that the terroir owned by the domaine was capable of producing white wines which were at once representative of this part of Burgundy, while also being something a little extra. Their efforts have been roundly praised by some of the world’s leading wine critics, with many of them mentioning the complex marzipan and citrus flavors their Chardonnay presents in the glass.

The brothers put their success down to the quality of their terroir. They possess four hectares of vineyards in Pouilly-Vinzelles, and the vines that grow there are aged between 30 and 70 years. They’ve recently begun turning their farming techniques over to organic standards, and will soon be awarded full organic certification. The Bret Brothers believe that their methods of zero intervention allow their wines to have more expression than those of their neighbors, and strive to bring the land they love to their new found global audience.