Brotherhood Winery

New York Wine, Hudson Valley

About Brotherhood Winery

Winemaking is an ancient and honored art, and nowhere is this more evident than at Brotherhood, America's Oldest winery, located in the picturesque village of Washingtonville, NY. The winery was established by a European emigre, John Jaques, who produced the first commercial vintage in 1839. Brotherhood has been in continuous operation since that time - making the winery the oldest in the United States! Brotherhood Winery is listed in the New York State Register of Historic Places and has been nominated for the National Register of Historic Places.

Premium Varietal Wines...

Dramatic improvements in the planting and cultivating of vinifera stock and hybrids at many New York State vineyards have resulted in premium top quality New York wines that are competitive in the international and domestic market. New ownership and a winemaster skilled in the art and technology of creating the finest of wines have thrust Brotherhood to the forefront of this New York wine renaissance.

The New Era of Brotherhood

In 1987, new owners arrived at Brotherhood. Cesar Baeza (pictured), an internationally prominent winemaker and viticulturist, began the process of converting Brotherhood into the premier winery of New York State. Winemaster Baeza's first premium varietals were produced at the winery in the fall of 1987.

Our winemaster can often be found walking the vineyards, working closely with the numerous winegrowers who supply Brotherhood's grapes. Their proper selection is the first step in the creation of great wines.

The specially selected grapes arrive at the winery to be crushed, with the juice carefully handled as the fermentation process begins. What follows is the blending, the true test of the winemaster's art. Here, Mr. Baeza's expertise comes to the fore as he carefully blends the fermented wine to achieve the perfect, consistent balance.

The end of the process is accomplished in our cellars, lined with "limousin" and "nevers" oak barrels. Here our varietals are aged and periodically tasted until the moment arrives for bottling.