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The Weingut Bründlmayer

Austrian Wine, Austria

About The Weingut Bründlmayer

The Weingut BründlmayerThe Weingut Bründlmayer is situated in Langenlois, some 70 km north-west of Vienna, upstream along the Danube in the Lower Austrian Kamp Valley. The wooded hills of the Waldviertel protect the vineyards from the cold north-westerly winds. During the day, the sun warms the stony terraces, while at night the fresh, fragrant forest air drifts through the Kamp Valley into the Langenlois Arena. The wines are characterised by a combination of hot days and cool nights, the meeting of the Danube and Kamp valleys, and the geological and climatic diversity of the vineyards.
The Vinyards - The essential piece of the Weingut Bründlmayer The mostly terraced vineyards situated far from road traffic are unique in their diversity. Willi Bründlmayer attaches great importance to the ecological balance: Exclusively organic fertilizers are used in the vineyards. The natural resources – soil, sun, water, plants – are employed simply and intelligently.

AwardsBründlmayer - "A damn good drink" For the fourth consecutive time, the Kamptal winery Willi Bründlmayer was chosen as "W&S Import Winery of the Year" by the US magazine Wine & Spirits.
Willi Bründlmayer, Austria´s wine producer par excellence, is honoured frequently, at home and abroad, and has been chosen into the world elite this year as well.
The wines tasted made the panel swoon, writers editor T. Q. Thomas in her portrait of the Langenlois producer. Wines such as these "have helped to create Austrian wines cultlike following."
Bründlmayer´s Riesling, as well as the sparkling wine and Pinot Noir, are mentioned specifically, and his intelligent use of natural resources is praised. The article notes that every wine "offers a personality so individual that could convince even a non-believer that a wine can express a sense of place. Each Bründlmayer wine is an exploration of a place and a time not to mention a damn good drink that will last for years, if you can wait that long."
" Every respected title helps, also awards of our fellows like Luis Kracher show that Austria´s reputation is rising in the US, comments Willi Bründlmayer, "and that in turn is translated into export figures."

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The Weingut Bründlmayer