Carmenet Winery

California Wine, Sonoma Valley

About Carmenet Vineyard and Winery

Carmenet Winery signature wine style is inspired by the land and the vine. We believe that quality begins in the vineyard. It springs from the alchemy between soil and season. Each year brings new crops with their own, distinct character- and each year, we carefully blend and craft each wine to showcase its true nature. Our signature wines are crafted in the passionate tradition of generations of old world winemakers. Classic winemaking techniques -malolactic fermentation, barrel aging, and cellaring- bring forth the natural, rich character of the fruit. The resulting wines are bright, lush and fruity. At Carmenet Winery, we create the extraordinary every day. With each bottle and each sip, our wines celebrate the virtue of the vine - the passion, the tradition, the richness in life.

Carmenet Winery Zinfandel

A spicy, elegant wine made from the fruit of 110-year -old vines in the Evangelho family vineyard. Ripe, sweet Zinfandel berries give aromas of plum, cherry, rose petal and vanilla. Hints of black pepper and nutmeg trail into a soft, rich finish. A saucy partner for spicy and barbecued meats or ripe blue cheese.

Carmenet Winery Sauvignon

Sauvignon Blanc grapes echo flavors of honeydew, citrus, and herbs. A touch of Semillon lends a soft, velvety mouthfeel with a hint of ripe figs and honey. This refreshing wine complements a remarkable range of cuisines, from Pacific Rim to Mediterranean, and shines in traditional pairings with Chevre or oysters.

Carmenet Winery Chardonnay

The intense aromas of apple and spice partner with the crisp flavors of citrus and pear. Made with grapes from one of the most famous vineyards in California and aged in French oak barrels, this vibrant beauty combines classic winemaking with California flavor. Perfect for accompanying grilled salmon or a pungent manchego cheese.

Carmenet Winery Cabernet

Made solely from the Cabernet Franc varietal, this limited release pays homage to the origins of Carmenet's name. Heady, sweet black fruit flavors mingle with truffle and toasty mocha aromas. With a sweet, lingering finish, this wine is particularly enjoyable with roasted duck and pairs well with hearty meats such as lamb.

Carmenet Winery Merlot

A full-bodied, luscious blend, crafted to accentuate the intense flavors of the Merlot grape. The deep fruit flavor is structured by bright tannins, giving both body and balance. A wonderful complement to simple steaks or filet mignon.