Castell D'encus Thalarn 2013 750ml
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Castell D'encus Thalarn Syrah 2013

Costers Del Segre - Cataluna - Spain

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Rated 93 by Robert Parker
One of the most expressive Syrahs from Spain, the 2013 Thalarn carries the name of the village where the winery is located. It was fermented in stone lagares (from the 12th century!), oak vats and stainless steel tanks and then transferred to new French oak barrels for malolactic and 11 months élevage. The nose does not show the oak, as the herbal character is stronger. At first I got some animal aromas, faint leather and a touch of tempera paint that developed strong medicinal notes with time in the glass. At the same time it's quite a mineral, stony wine. The palate is medium-bodied, with a very fine texture and polished tannins, good acidity and length. It is still quite young and undeveloped so is in need of some time in bottle. It might improve with time but today I don't see it as the level of the previous vintages and the animal hint makes me a little hesitant. 19,600 bottles produced.
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Additional Information on Castell D'encus Thalarn Syrah 2013

Winery Castell D'encus

Varietal: Syrah

Known as Syrah in most countries around the world, and Shiraz in Australia and certain other regions of the New World, this grape varietal has proven over the centuries to be one of the most powerful and flavorful red wine grapes there is. It is now one of the planet's most widely grown grapes, and is a favorite with wineries as a result of its robustness and versatility. It isn't easy to identify many characteristics of this particular varietal, due to the fact that it is highly versatile and shows significant differences in flavor and character depending on the terroir it is grown in, and the climatic conditions of the region. However, Syrah is most widely associated with full bodied, strong and loud red wines, packed full of fruity and spicy flavors, held in a beautifully deep red liquid.

Region: Cataluna

For thousands of years, Spain's beautiful wine region of Catalunya has been a powerful center of wine production, with much archaeological evidence to suggest that quality vines were being cultivated in the fine Catalan soils many hundreds of years before even the first Roman settlers arrived. The wonderful coastal Mediterranean climate of the region creates an ideal environment for viticulture, and the excellent conditions are improved further by the mineral rich soils which cover much of the region's valleys and hillsides. As a result, the bodegas and wineries which operate in Catalunya are able to grow a wide variety of imported and native grape varietals, and are able to produce their famous sparkling Cava wines in large quantities, alongside the many still red and white wine bottles which are brought out each year to critical acclaim.

Country: Spain

For over two thousand years, Spain has been responsible for much of Europe's wine production, making the very best of native grape varietals, and more recently experimenting with and perfecting wines made from imported grapes. Of course, the region of La Rioja is renowned world-wide for the quality and characteristics of its wines, which benefit greatly from the warm, dry continental climate of the area, and the fertile soils of the Ebro river basin. However, there is far more to Spanish produce than the complex, aromatic and earthy red wine of this region, as a result of the vast range of wine making traditions and practices, and terrains and climatic conditions found across the country. The region Castilla y Leon produces some of Europe's finest white wines, and the sparkling wines of Cava and the sherries of Jerez are firm favorites for wine lovers around the world.