Cavicchioli 1928 Spumante NV 750ml
SKU 760610

Cavicchioli 1928 Spumante NV

Emilia-Romagna - Italy

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Cavicchioli 1928 White Spumante Demisec features, when poured and tasted, white foam, fine and lingering perlage; its straw yellow in color with an intense and characteristic bouquet of white flowers, roses and peach. The Cavicchioli 1928 White Spumante Demisec is an attractively sweet, aromatic and persistent taste with a slightly bitterish finish; its alcohol is 8%. Cavicchioli 1928 White Spumante Demisec should be drunk young and is excellent as an aperitif, with risottos, tortellini and fish-based dishes. Serving temperature: chilled to 40°F.

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Winery Cavicchioli

Region: Emilia-Romagna

The beautiful northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has been home to quality wine making and viticulture for an extremely long time. Indeed, archaeologists believe that vineyards have been cultivated in Emilia-Romagna since around 700 BCE, and the wine industry of the region remains strong and distinctive to this day. Perhaps the best loved wine of Emilia-Romagna are the sparkling wines the region produces in large quantities, and with five registered Lambrusco DOCs, the wineries of the region are recognized for their excellence in this field. However, there is much more to Emilia-Romagna than just sparkling wines, and their still red and white wines are amongst the finest in all of Italy, as esteemed and respected today as they were during the heights of the Roman Empire.

Country: Italy

Italy is recognised as being one of the finest wine producing countries in the world, and it isn't difficult to see why. With a vast amount of land across the country used primarily for vineyard cultivation and wine production, each region of Italy manages to produce a wide range of excellent quality wines, each representative of the region it is produced in. Any lover of Italian wines will be able to tell you of the variety the country produces, from the deliciously astringent and alpine-fresh wines of the northern borders, to the deliciously jammy and fruit-forward wines of the south and the Italian islands. Regions such as Barolo are frequently compared with Bordeaux and Burgundy in France, as their oak aged red wines have all the complexity and earthy, spicy excellence of some of the finest wines in the world, and the sparkling wines of Asti and elsewhere in Italy can easily challenge and often exceed the high standards put forward by Champagne. Thanks to excellent terrain and climatic conditions, Italy has long since proven itself a major player in the world of wines, and long may this dedication to quality and excellence continue.