Cavit Winery & Vineyards

Italian Wine, Trentino

About Cavit Vineyard and Winery

Cavit is a company which is deeply attached to its roots: Trentino, that small area in the north-east of Italy, where vines, olive trees, Mediterranean vegetation and Alpine flora with its spruce and larch grow side by side. It is a land of ancient traditions and culture, where the presence of man, with his villages, castles and cultivated terraces, blends harmoniously with the majestic Alpine landscape. The company was founded in 1950, to meet the needs of vine growers in the region to provide the maximum quality and market their own wines in a modern way. Today the company represents over 5,400 associate vine growers at 13 wine co-operatives and 70% of the wine production in Trentino (approx. 7,000 ha). Cavit harvests, examines and selects the raw materials originating from the best production batches of the associated co-operatives, submitting them to strict controls at every stage of production and bottling. In this way splendid DOC wines and prestigious DOC spumanti are produced.

Today it is one of the leading companies in the sector, operating successfully at national and international levels, deeply linked to its own region but dynamically open to new initiatives. Cavit commitment, therefore, is the same as always: The continual and determined pursuit of excellence and for new wine producing methods, the spread of the culture of wine and wine-growing traditions of Trentino. In the head office at Ravina, near Trento, the "Wine Cellar" and the "Spumante Cellar" are the places where unique products are created, and offer a complete panorama of wines from Trentino.

Cavit Winery Pinot Grigio

A mild white Italian wine that is slightly grassy. It does not offer the whacky fireworks that the J. Lohr did. Which is good, in that it is easier to drink sans food. Cavit Pinot Grigio is a moderately dry wine that is a little herbal and a wee bit tart. Pleasantly restrained and just right for pairing with salads, mild seafood, and perhaps simple chicken dishes.

Cavit Winery Merlot

Smooth and easy, the Cavit Merlot is an excellet example of solid, everyday drinking Italian merlot; this BEST VALUE is a perfect party wines as well as one for lighter red meat entrees.