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The French wine region of Burgundy has long been associated with wines of extremely high quality. It has a fascinating history of viticulture, that stretches back through the ages of France, and results in a wine culture today which is as fascinating as it is fine. Family owned wineries are key to the region’s success, with closely guarded secret blends being handed down from generation to generation, and it is in this spirit that the domaine of Chanson Pere et Fils is founded. This particular winery, situated in the heart of the Beaune sub-region of Burgundy, is not only one of the oldest domaines in Beaune, but is also one of the largest. The winery has holdings in nine different crus, covering a massive twenty five hectares - but this winey does not substitute quantity for quality, as the vineyards selected by the family who run it are all of the highest quality.

The history of Chanson Pere et Fils is a long one. The estate was originally known as Maison Verry, and was set up by the enterprising Verry family in 1750. At first, the estate was used for several different businesses, including wine making, cheese and cooperage, as the Verry family were international merchants keen to set up their own mini empire. They suffered at the hands of the revolution, when aristocratic lands were sold off quickly and cheaply to the state, and eventually the estate was purchased by the Chanson family at the beginning of the 19th century. The Chansons began to develop the land, and expanded the holdings of the original estate, and the business was soon thriving and being recognized as one of the finest wineries in the Beaune.

Today, Chanson Pere et Fils continues their proud tradition of producing characterful, bold and elegant Burgundy wines, made from careful blends of native Burgundian grape varietals. The winery continues to use traditional techniques to ensure quality and character, and makes the most of their exquisite terroir by aiming for full expression of their beautiful estate in every bottle.