Chateau D'arlay Vin Jaune 2007 620ml
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Chateau D'arlay Vin Jaune 2007

Chateau D'arlay - Jura - France

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Rated 94 by Robert Parker
The 2007 CĂ´tes du Jura Vin Jaune is produced in the most traditional style of any Jura wine, aged under a veil of yeasts. They look for a lighter style here; their Jaune is more elegant and they do not look for the more powerful version of Vin Jaune. The 2007 is a pure vintage with good acidity; it is a little austere (2006 was richer). It's a little young, but it's already very expressive with a lifted nose of yellow flowers, morel mushrooms, curry and green walnuts. This vintage has some mineral, petrol-like aromas. The palate is only medium-bodied with great concentration of flavors, ending very dry and long. Around 6,000 62-cl bottles produced per year and all of them bottled at the same time.

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94 Robert Parker

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Winery: Chateau D'arlay

Vintage: 2007

2007 was the year that saw California's wine industry pick up once again, after a troubling couple of years. Indeed, all across the state of California, fantastic harvests were reported as a result of fine weather conditions throughout the flowering and ripening periods, and Napa Valley and Santa Barbera wines were widely considered amongst the best in the world in 2007, with Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes packing in all sorts of fine and desirable features in this year. South Africa, too, had a much-needed fantastic year for red wines, with Pinotage particularly displaying strong characteristics, alongside the country's other flagship red wine grape varietals. Over in Europe, France had another fine year, especially for white wines. Champagne wineries were very happy with their Chardonnay harvests, and the Loire Valley and Graves in Bordeaux are proclaiming 2007 to be a memorable year due to the quality of their white wine grapes. For French red wines, Provence had their best year for almost a decade, as did the Southern Rhone. However, 2007 was most favorable to Italy, who saw high yields of exceptional quality across almost all of their major wine producing regions. Tuscany is claiming to have produced its best Chianti and Brunello wines for several years in 2007, and Piedmont and Veneto had a wonderful year for red wines. For Italian white wines, 2007 was an extremely successful year for Alto Adige and Campania. Germany also had a very good 2007, with Riesling displaying extremely dry and crisp characteristics, as did Portugal, where Port wine from 2007 is said to be one to collect.

Country: France

French winemakers are subjected to several laws and regulations regarding the wines they produce, and how they can be labeled and sold. Such procedures are designed to increase the overall quality of the country's produce, and also to ensure that wines made in each particular region or appellation are of a character and type which is representative of the area. Thankfully for consumers of wine world-wide, the French have a particularly high reputation to uphold, and seem to do so flawlessly. Every year, wineries from all over France produce millions upon millions of bottles of fine wine, making the most of their native grape varieties and the excellent terrain which covers most of the country. From the expensive and exquisite red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the white wines and cremants of central France, the French are dedicated to providing the world with wines of the highest quality and most distinctive character.