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Rated 100 - Latour has made truly great wines in the past two decades—and this is one of the best. It has fabulous...

There’s a reason why Bordeaux blended red wines regularly top the lists of wines to try before you die. Over two thousand years of consistent viticulture, some of the finest vine growing terroir on earth, a gentle and reliable set of climatic conditions and many of the world’s most skilled and dedicated vintners come together to ensure that Bordeaux’s supremacy as a wine region has never faltered. In the beautiful sub-region of Pauillac, we find the historic winery of Chateau Latour, a name which any serious wine lover will recognize as one of the most famous and revered there is. This imposing chateau is situated on land which has been consistently used for wine production since the fourteenth century, and the history of this winery is one which features many of the turning points in French culture, along with a list of names which range from Louis XV to Thomas Jefferson. No wonder the wines which come out of this chateau are regularly snapped up by collectors and investors, who prize the vintages not only as examples of a pinnacle in oenology, but also as icons of wine culture as we know it.

The beginning of the 18th century was when the current Chateau was constructed, and also the time when the wines of this estate were gaining global fame, thanks to the references made in the New World by the founding fathers of the United States. The Medoc was booming, and investment was poured into Bordeaux wineries by the crowned heads of Europe, meaning Chateau Latour could expand its operations and continue making the wines which were bringing it such success. Chateau Latour gained the coveted premier cru status in 1864, cementing its reputation as one of the Left Bank’s most important wineries, and allowing it to steadily expand through the early and mid twentieth century.

In 1995, the winery was taken over by Frederic Engerer, who continues to oversee production today. His time at the winery has been widely celebrated, with many claiming that the vintages he has brought out have been the finest Chateau Latour has ever seen. The winery now has 78 planted hectares, which grow the classic Bordeaux varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. These grapes lead to the extraordinarily elegant, complex and age worthy wines the Chateau has long been famous for, and the winery shows no sign of stopping.