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Chateau Maris Minervois La Liviniere Cuvee “Les Amandiers” 2016 750ml

Rated 93 by Wine Advocate
I tasted the Syrah-dominated 2016 Minervois la Liviniere les Amandiers twice during my trip, once at the estate and once at the CIVL. And on both occasions, I had some concerns about the level of oak (it's aged in 100% new barriques from Radoux). There's no doubting the quality of the blueberry-tinged fruit going into this cuvée, and there's even some peppery spice for complexity. The tannins are ripe, the wine is creamy through the mid-palate and it shows good length on the finish. If all of the vanilla and cedar notes integrate over time, my rating could end up looking stingy, but I'd rather be conservative with a wine like this.
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Chateau Maris Minervois La Liviniere Cuvee “Les Amandiers” 2016 750ml

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Winery Chateau Maris

Region: Languedoc Roussillon

The southern French region of Languedoc Roussillon is one of the most important wine regions on earth, being responsible for over a third of France's annual output – a vast quantity of wine which exceeds even the annual output of the United States. Despite the fact that Languedoc Roussillon produces such enormous quantities of wine, the quality of the region's output remains a priority for the wineries which operate there. Languedoc Roussillon takes great pride in the fact that could be considered one of the oldest wine regions in the world, with a history which stretches back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks, and remains highly important to this day. Vintners in Languedoc Roussillon work with a wide range of grape varietals, and the region produces a wide variety of wines, from still red and white table wines, to blended and aged wines, dessert and sparkling wines.

Country: France

France is renowned across the globe for its quality wines and the careful expertise which goes into making them, but what is truly remarkable about this relatively small country is the vast range of wines it produces in such huge amounts each year. Not only are the finest red wines in the world said to come from the beautiful regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but elsewhere in the country we find the Champagne region, and areas such as the Rhone Valley and the Loire, whose white wines consistently receive awards and accolades by the plenty. This range is a result of the great variety of climatic conditions and terrain found in France, coupled with generations of wine makers working within single appellations. Their knowledge of specific terroirs and grape varieties has, over time, perfected the production of wines within their region, and the end results continue to impress the world to this day.