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Chateau Sainte Roseline Cotes De Provence Cuvee La Chapelle De Sainte Roseline Blanc 2022 750ml

Cotes De Provence
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2022 2021
It's intense pale pink, is limpid and bright. The nose develops citrus aromas and white flowers. It's persistant mouth. with hints of exotic fruits, characterises itself with a big complexity underlined with hints of lime and a beautiful acidity.
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Chateau Sainte Roseline Cotes De Provence Cuvee La Chapelle De Sainte Roseline Blanc 2022 750ml

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It's intense pale pink, is limpid and bright. The nose develops citrus aromas and white flowers. It's persistant...
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green grapes

Varietal: Vermentino

For several hundred years now, the Vermentino grape varietal has flourished over several parts of Europe. Although widely thought to have originally come from Spain, the Vermentino grape is now most closely associated with the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, where they are widely grown and are considered an important varietal for the island's economy. Vermentino grapes are particularly popular with vintners due to the fact that they are very easy to cultivate, and are especially resistant to rot and mildew. The vines are vigorous, and produce high yields of a reliable quality. The wines which come from the Vermentino varietal are generally pale yellow in color, high in acidity and pleasantly crisp, with flavors of green apple, lime and other bright citrus fruits.

Region: Provence

There are few places in the world quite as evocative as Provence, and this relatively small wine region of France has become something of a world leader following centuries of high esteem and ongoing solid, reliable production of truly excellent, characterful wines. The wines from Provence are primarily rosé, made from red wine grape juices allowed a limited time in which to have contact with their skins and seeds, and are generally considered to be amongst the finest rosé wines on earth. Provence also produces big, spicy red wines, and extremely delicate, dry, crisp white wines, too. For thousands of years, the beautiful Mediterranean climate of the region has proven itself to be ideal for viticulture, and the wine industry of Provence remains as strong and consistently superb as ever.

Country: France

It is widely understood and accepted that the finest wines in the world come out of France. Whether you are drinking a vintage bottle from one of the famed Grand Cru wineries of Bordeaux - such as Chateau Margaux or Chateau Lafite-Rothschild - or a more simple and affordable bottle from one of the lesser known appellations in Burgundy, the likelihood is that the wine is packed full of intense and interesting flavors, and has a fine, balanced structure typical of almost all French produce. This reputation for excellence is taken extremely serious by the French, with dozens of regularly updated laws and regulations ensuring the quality and accurate labeling of wines. Such dedication and passion for fine wine, representative of the region in which it is produced, means customers can be assured that when they buy a bottle from France, they are buying something almost certain to please and delight.