CRistom Vineyards

Oregon Wine, Willamette Valley

About CRistom Vineyards

Cristom cultivates eight distinct vineyards growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Viognier and Syrah totaling 65 plantable acres. The vineyards are dry farmed with the focus on quality fruit with low yields and high density planting.

Marjorie, named for Paul Gerrie's mother, is the oldest vineyard. Originally planted on its own roots in 1982, it now consists of five different clones. The combination of older vines and healthy, well-drained soil often generates some of Cristom's best fruit. The first release from this vineyard was the 1994 vintage.

Louise, named for Paul's maternal grandmother, was the first vineyard established by Cristom, and was planted using new rootstocks and clones. Since Louise is located lower on the slope, the fruit often ripens sooner than the other vineyards. Our first release from this vineyard was 1996.

Jessie, named for Paul's paternal grandmother, is Cristom's steepest vineyard. It is the most diverse of the vineyards because it has the most variable soils and altitudes. The first release was the 1998 vintage.

Eileen, named for Paul's wife, is planted at Cristom's highest elevation. Here, the fruit tends to ripen more slowly under cooler conditions. The first release from this vineyard was the 2000 vintage.

Emilia, named for Paul's mother-in-law, is Cristom's lowest vineyard and is planted on sedimentary soil. It is the first vineyard encountered when approaching Cristom, as it surrounds the winery and tasting room. The first release from this vineyard was the 2002 vintage.

Germaine, named for Steve Doerner's maternal grandmother, is a densely planted Chardonnay vineyard with earlier ripening Dijon clones. Compared to previous Oregon clones, these clones ensure full maturity of the fruit. The first release from this vineyard was the 1996 vintage.

In addition to “The Ladies,” Cristom has two other vineyards dedicated to varietals that are new to the Willamette Valley.

Viognier, This vineyard was one of the first dedicated to this varietal in the Willamette Valley. It is planted on Cristom's warmest site to ensure the Northern Rhone Valley varietal will ripen to maturity. Its first release was in 1996.

Syrah, Encouraged by the success the our Viognier vineyard, we recently cultivated another Northern Rhone varietal. The Syrah vineyard is already showing indications of a great future. The first release from this vineyard was the 2003 vintage.