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Cycles Gladiator

California Wine, Central Coast

About Cycles Gladiator Wines

The years between 1871 and 1914 represent one of the most fascinating periods in European history. During this time Europe was enjoying a period of interior peace, and a modern world began to emerge. Arts and sciences developed with an incomparable speed and intensity. A joy of life awoke in all social classes, and with that a desire for new, extraordinary, sensational things. People were seized by the feeling of a new start into better times and a sense of freedom and happiness prevailed.

History’s greatest transformation of art and poetry from traditional to modern occurred during the Belle Epoque. Art in every genre prospered like never before. In Paris, a recognizable artistic style emerged during this era where it appeared in numerous forms—most notably in posters advertising various goods and entertainment. Food, beverages, bicycles, and theatrical performances were but a few of the subjects of these now famous Parisian works.

A hundred years later, the same thing happened to the wine industry. History’s greatest transformation of wine from traditional to modern has occurred during the last two decades of the 20th century and wine has prospered like never before—advancements in viticulture and winemaking coupled with the widespread and media-driven acceptance of wine as a part of a healthy lifestyle have transformed the wine industry.

The wines of Cycles Gladiator showcase the supple, fruit-driven style of California’s coastal vineyards. Among the natural splendors of Monterey County is the graceful and uninhibited beauty of our hillside vineyards. These vineyards, the primary source for the Cycles Gladiator wines, enjoy optimum growing conditions in a region boasting a more varied climate than any other appellation in California. The wind and fog interact to slow grapes’ ripening, producing a growing season up to two months longer than in warmer grape-growing regions. This allows the grapes to hang longer on the vine and ripen naturally—resulting in more varietal intensity, flavor, concentration and structure.