Death Wish Coffee Vodka  1.0Ltr
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Death Wish Coffee Vodka

New York - United States

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Death Wish is known for being exceptionally rich, and this is especially true of the vodka. The flavor is a bit earthy, tending towards cocoa nibs and a hint of dark cherry. The natural sweetness of the coffee - hints of honey and maple syrup - pair nicely with its slightly floral fragrance, making for a spirit that's drinkable on its own and blends wonderfully into a cocktail.

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Fantastic! Can't believe how how awesome this made the Chocolate Martini's taste at our last game night. The hint of coffee came right through. And I just want to say this company has some of the most caring customer service people filling your orders you will ever come across. Totally TOP SHELF customer service here, with a great product I'll be ordering more.
Chilled the vodka in the freezer & had it strait up! Absolutely amazing taste! Love the aroma as well. I love deathwish coffee & really wanted to try their coffee vodka & im glad I did!!

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Producer Death Wish

Region: New York

New York state has a relatively long history of wine-making and vineyard cultivation, with vineyards in the region dating back to the Dutch settlements of the 17th century. As such, the region has slowly discovered the unique qualities of their terroir, and has developed a distinctive set of grape varietals which have gone on to represent the state and make their wines both unique and highly regarded. New York state has four key wine producing areas – Lake Erie AVA, Finger Lakes AVA, Hudson River and Long Island, each making the most of their relatively cool climate and characterful terroirs. The strong blend of both traditional and contemporary wine making methods found in this region has led to New York state being responsible for many of the finest and most interesting wines to come out of the United States.

Country: United States

For three hundred years now, the United States has been leading the New World in wine production, both in regards to quantity and quality. Wine is actually produced in all fifty states across the country, with California leading the way by an enormous margin. Indeed, as much as eighty-nine percent of all wines to come out of the United States are produced in California, where the fertile soils and sloping mountain sides, coupled with the long, hot summers provide ideal conditions for producing high quality, European style red, white and rosé wines. With over a million acres of the country under vine, the United States sits comfortably as the fourth largest wine producer in the world, where imported grape varietals from all over the Old World are processed using a successful blend of traditional and contemporary techniques.