Situated in the center of France, Burgundy is often considered to be the winemaking heart of this country. The wines which come out of this very special region have long been celebrated for their excellence and character, their juiciness and roundness, and they are the result of hundreds and hundreds of years of dedication, exploration and appreciation of tradition and expertise. Within Burgundy, the Cotes de Beaune sub-region is rightly recognized as one of the finest there is, and wineries such as Maison Deux Montille represent all that is unique and wonderful about this set of pristine terroirs. Maison Deux Montille is run by siblings, Etienne and Alix, and they took control of the domaine in 2002 with the intention of exploring and defining just what makes Cotes de Beaune such an exciting place for viticulture. By taking advantage of the fantastically mineral rich soils of Meursault, where the winery is located, Alix and Etienne have succeeded in producing wines which continue to impress and surprise, and seem to get better year on year.

Alix and Etienne’s intention was to create a set of wines which celebrated this minerality, and present an elegant vitality and balance from the native grape varietals they used. They’ve been hugely helped along their journey by Brian Sieve, their chief vintner, whose American boldness allowed them to maximize the potential of their vines and produce the sort of wines they envisioned from their winery. Maison Deux Montille is a serious winery, keen on representing Meursault and achieving a beautiful level of expression in their bottles, as Alix and Etienne believe that the hectares they own cover some of the finest terroir in Burgundy. Certainly, the finest features of their land come across very well in the glass - the quality of the soil and the sun-burnt south facing slopes on which they grow their aged vines are all present and correct. This relatively young winery continues to impress at an astonishing rate, and they’ve been identified as one to watch for the coming years.