The beautiful wine region of Burgundy in central France is home to several individual communes and villages, sub-regions and appellations, each with their own unique approach to winemaking. These small pockets of land are separated by traditions, perspectives on what makes Burgundy wine special, but also by the nature of their terroir - that is, the combination of soil type, microclimatic features, and factors like drainage, slope angle and sunlight which come together to make interesting changes and variations in the resulting wine. In the commune of Gevrey-Chambertin, just south of the city of Dijon, we find the fine winery of Domaine Alain Burguet. The winery’s owner - the named Alain Burguet, is currently regarded as one of the finest vintners in Burgundy, thanks to his dedication to his craft, and his openness to innovation and eye for perfection.

Alain himself is an imposing figure - tall and barrel chested, he’s instantly recognizable in his hometown and around the Cote D’Or region of Burgundy. His first vintage released under his own name was back in 1972, and during the nineteen eighties, he was renowned for the muscular and bold nature of his red wines. In more recent decades, however, he has mellowed considerably, and changed his methods to allow the grapes to ripen for longer. The result was an instant hit - rounded, soft and juicier fruits led to wines which were capable of far more expression of his pristine land. Alongside his two sons, Eric and Jean-Luc, Alain Burguet continues to evolve and produce wines which are at once representative of Gevrey Chambertin, while still pushing the boat out regarding what this commune can achieve.

Domaine Alain Burguet covers eight hectares, and a small proportion of his land is found in the premier cru site of Les Champeaux. The rest are located in Gevrey-Chambertin, and Burguet is also seeking out the finest grapes from old vines with which to produce his characterful wines.