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Domaine Bernard Defaix Bourgogne Chardonnay 2020 750ml

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This Bourgogne Blanc comes exclusively from Chardonnay grape, planted on clayey and chalky soils. The Chardonnay, now grown all over the world, is native from Bourgogne and shows here its purest expression. Our Bourgogne blanc has a beautiful aromatic structure, a lot of fineness and a great balance. It is a real “pleasure wine”. To serve with a plate of sausages and ham, cold cuts, mixed salad or of course “gougeres” (another speciality from Bourgogne!).
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Domaine Bernard Defaix Bourgogne Chardonnay 2020 750ml

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green grapes

Varietal: Chardonnay

Despite having its origins in western France, Chardonnay's immense popularity and flexibility quickly meant that before long, there wasn't a wine producing country in the world which wasn't investing in this fascinating and versatile grape varietal. Today, Chardonnays manage to win fine wine competitions and satisfy supermarket shoppers simultaneously, due to the fact that this grape varietal can take on many characteristics and features of where it is grown and how it is handled. Indeed, this green skinned grape is renowned for not having so much unique flavor within the fruit, but is very sensitive to the features of the terroir it is grown in, as well as to aging As such, it isn't unusual to find bottles of single variety Chardonnay wine described as holding notes of white stone, mountain waters, or other such geological features alongside the more predictable fruit descriptions This makes Chardonnay grape varietal wines an exciting world to delve into – full of surprises, full of delights.

Region: Burgundy

The wines which come out of the Burgundy region of France are regularly hailed as amongst the finest in the world, with the area now being synonymous with quality red wines of exceptional flavor, character and aroma. However, Burgundy is no newcomer to the world of fine wines, with the earliest recordings of the quality of this region's produce dating back to the 6th century, and archaeological evidence suggesting that vineyards had been cultivated there for over two thousand years. Today, there are dozens of controlled appellations within Burgundy, each producing exceptional wines typical of the region. The whole area benefits greatly from hot summers and mild, long autumnal periods, which, when coupled with the generations of expertise of the wineries in Burgundy, consistently produces superb wines for the world's enjoyment.

Country: France

Year in, year out, France enjoys its prestigious reputation as the producer of the finest wines in the world. With a wine making history which spans several thousand years and owes its expertise to the Romans, it comes as little surprise that this most highly esteemed of the Old World wine countries continues to impress and enchant both novices and experts to this day. Despite the rise in quality of wines from neighboring European countries, not to mention the New World, the French wine industry continues to boom, with up to eight billion bottles being produced in recent years. However, France prides itself on always putting quality before quantity, and the wide range in fine produce is a testament to the dedication and knowledge of the wineries across the country. Indeed, from rich and complex reds to light and aromatic white wines, French wines are as varied and interesting as they are enjoyable to drink, making this country a firm favorite for wine lovers across the globe.