Domaine De Fontsainte Corbieres Reserve La Demoiselle 2014 750ml
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Domaine De Fontsainte Corbieres Reserve La Demoiselle Carignan 2014

Corbieres - Languedoc Roussillon - France

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Rated 90 by Wine & Spirits
According to Yves Laboucarie, this is the vineyard that convinced Kermit Lynch to begin importing his domaine’s wines some 30 years ago. “He came and tasted, tasted, tasted, even though it was late at night, and then said he’d be back in the morning. We waited. At eleven he arrives in his raincoat, mud caked on his shoes. I asked, ‘Who are you, Inspector Colombo? Where have you been?’ He said, ‘Je cherche Demoiselle.’”The carignan vines in that vineyard were planted in 1904; Yves’ son, Bruno, now tends them, and likes to show the Roman coins he still turns up in the dirt, left behind by the land’s earliest vintners. He uses carbonic maceration to avoid the bitterness carignan can give, and blends the juice with a little grenache and mourvedre. The result is lush and dark-fruited, with a woodsy, wild-strawberry center and a growl of earthy tannins to balance.
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Winery Domaine De Fontsainte

Varietal: Carignan

Carignan is an ancient blue-skinned grape varietal, thought to be indigenous to the Aragon region of Spain. However, today it is most commonly associated with the fine wines of southern France, and has been grown in many countries around the world which have the warm and dry conditions it requires to thrive. Carignan is recognized as being quite a sensitive vine, highly susceptible to all kinds of rot and mildew, although producing excellent results when given the right conditions and handled correctly. Its high tannin levels and acidity make the Carignan grapes very astringent, and as such, they are often used as a blending grape to give body to other, lesser bodied varietals. Despite this, with careful treatment, Carignan can produce superb single varietal wines packed full of character and unique attributes.

Region: Languedoc Roussillon

The French region of Languedoc Roussillon can claim to be amongst one of the oldest continuing wine regions in the world, with a history which stretches back to the ancient Greeks almost three thousand years ago. Today, Languedoc Roussillon is recognized as a region associated with fine wines made from many of the noble grapes, and with over 700,000 acres under vine, is a veritable powerhouse of viticulture which has helped shape the world of wines as we know it. Languedoc Roussillon is situated in the very south of France, and enjoys a fine, hot, Mediterranean climate which allows the vines there to reach full ripeness and provide reliable yields each year. Languedoc Roussillon today produces over a third of France's wines, and the bottles which leave the wineries of the region remain popular across the globe.

Country: France

France is renowned across the globe for its quality wines and the careful expertise which goes into making them, but what is truly remarkable about this relatively small country is the vast range of wines it produces in such huge amounts each year. Not only are the finest red wines in the world said to come from the beautiful regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but elsewhere in the country we find the Champagne region, and areas such as the Rhone Valley and the Loire, whose white wines consistently receive awards and accolades by the plenty. This range is a result of the great variety of climatic conditions and terrain found in France, coupled with generations of wine makers working within single appellations. Their knowledge of specific terroirs and grape varieties has, over time, perfected the production of wines within their region, and the end results continue to impress the world to this day.