Domaine De La Louvetrie Melonix  750ml
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Domaine De La Louvetrie Melonix

Loire Valley - France

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Rated 91 by Wine Advocate
This remarkable Vin de France (thus without vintage on the label) has not only the color of a honeydew melon, it also tastes like Melon de Bourgogne, even so you would probably not call it a classic Muscadet. This is Jo Landron’s very personal, powerful and sensual interpretation of the variety which was once imported from his home region, Burgundy. It is a lovely, well-balanced, succulent, finally complex and salty wine of great purity and expression. Marked by its piquant acidity and mouth watering salinity it is unique in the context of Muscadet. This wine can be considered as natural wine for natural wine skeptics. Don't miss tasting it!

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Winery Domaine De La Louvetrie

Region: Loire Valley

Within France, the one region most closely associated with fine white and rosé wines is surely the Loire Valley. With over eight controlled appellations, and a relatively large expanse of land covering this wide valley, the Loire Valley is an ideal location for wineries wishing to produce large quantities of excellent quality vines for their wine production. Indeed, this region has been associated with excellent white wines for over a thousand years, with it once being the favorite wine region for the crowned heads of England, France and beyond. Today, it produces a wide range of white wines, and several rosé and red varieties also. It is also widely celebrated for being home to some of France's most lively and fruity sparkling crémant wines, which more than match those produced in nearby Champagne.

Country: France

France is renowned across the globe for its quality wines and the careful expertise which goes into making them, but what is truly remarkable about this relatively small country is the vast range of wines it produces in such huge amounts each year. Not only are the finest red wines in the world said to come from the beautiful regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, but elsewhere in the country we find the Champagne region, and areas such as the Rhone Valley and the Loire, whose white wines consistently receive awards and accolades by the plenty. This range is a result of the great variety of climatic conditions and terrain found in France, coupled with generations of wine makers working within single appellations. Their knowledge of specific terroirs and grape varieties has, over time, perfected the production of wines within their region, and the end results continue to impress the world to this day.