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Domaine De La Pirolette Saint Amour Carjot 2016 750ml

Saint Amour
Rated 94 - This is one of the single vineyard bottlings that the Barbets began producing for the first time in the 2016 vintage. As I mentioned in the write up from my visit to the domaine, the vineyard of le Carjot is planted on blue granite which Grégory describes as quite similar to Côte du Py in Morgon. The wine is half barrel-fermented in nine hundred liter casks and half in cement tank, with the elevage taking place in those large barrels. This wine was pretty tight when I sampled it at the domaine, but it had not been in bottle all that long at the time. Today, the wine is really rounding into form beautifully, offering up a superb and very pure bouquet of black cherries, red plums, a touch of raw cocoa, gamebird, granitic soil tones, a touch of violet and a smoky topnote. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, focused and sappy at the core, with excellent mineral drive, ripe, moderate tannins and a long, complex and very promising finish. This wine showed a bit of oak influence on both the nose and palate fifteen months ago, but now, it is only on the backend of the palate that there is still a bit of wood to integrate, as the nose has already absorbed it completely. This is outstanding Saint Amour in the making, and though it is quite approachable today, it still really deserves a bit more bottle age to fully blossom, as it is going to be absolutely stellar when it has finally opened up completely. - John Gilman, View From the Cellar
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Domaine De La Pirolette Saint Amour Carjot 2016 750ml

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The beautiful region of Burgundy in France is famously home to some of the most exquisite red wines to be found anywhere on earth, and is most commonly associated with the silky, elegant and flavorful Pinot Noir varietal wines which are commonly produced there. However, the superb and mineral rich soils fed by the Rhone river, and the long hot summers and mild autumns of the region produce a wide variety of fine grapes, and as such, Burgundy produces plenty of different wines which are equally as good as the produce the region is famed for. The region of Burgundy itself has a wine-making history which stretches back at least two thousand years, and as such, it comes as no surprise that the wineries which fill the dozens of controlled appellations of the region rely heavily on traditional methods and techniques when it comes to producing their famous wines.

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French winemakers are subjected to several laws and regulations regarding the wines they produce, and how they can be labeled and sold. Such procedures are designed to increase the overall quality of the country's produce, and also to ensure that wines made in each particular region or appellation are of a character and type which is representative of the area. Thankfully for consumers of wine world-wide, the French have a particularly high reputation to uphold, and seem to do so flawlessly. Every year, wineries from all over France produce millions upon millions of bottles of fine wine, making the most of their native grape varieties and the excellent terrain which covers most of the country. From the expensive and exquisite red wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy, to the white wines and cremants of central France, the French are dedicated to providing the world with wines of the highest quality and most distinctive character.