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Out of all of the appellations of Burgundy, the Cotes de Beaune is one of the finest. This is really saying something, as there are few wine regions on earth quite as fine as that of Burgundy. This special part of France has been a viticultural center for over two thousand years, since before the Romans brought their winemaking techniques into the country. The wineries of Burgundy have a dedication for excellence and reverence for their native grape varietals which is unmatched by almost any other region in the world, and a set of traditions and winemaking secrets that ensure the region enjoys a powerful reputation even today, in the twenty-first century. One of the newer wineries to make waves in the Cotes de Beaune is Domaine Demougeot, and the vintner overseeing the estate, Rudolph Demougeot is quickly gaining fans for his deep and expressive wines.

Rudolph Demougeot grew up surrounded by fine wine, and as a young man, his grandparents took the time to introduce him to their vines and show him the art of traditional winemaking - something which clearly had a huge influence. In 1992, Demougeot acquired eight hectares of prime quality Cotes de Beaune vineyards, and set about making the sorts of wines he remembered from his youth - uncomplicated, uninterrupted and pure wines which take the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, and allow them to express their terroir in the bottle. Domaine Demougeot is an organic and biodynamic winery, which avoids any chemical interference and allows the phases of the moon to dictate harvesting and sowing times. He goes further than this - horse drawn ploughs and soil aerators are commonplace in his vineyards, and everything is done by hand. Rudolph believes that these methods allow his wines to express the exquisite nature of their terroir, and bring forward the purest flavors and aromas from his carefully selected native grape varietals.