Domaine Royal De Jarras Gris De Gris Pink Flamingo 2018 750ml
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Domaine Royal De Jarras Gris De Gris Pink Flamingo 2018

Languedoc - Languedoc Roussillon - France

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A beautiful pale and salmon colour draped in a bright, shiny structure with light golden glints. An intense nose, with berry, peach and apricot notes followed by an exotic fruit cocktail. A fruity and fresh mouth feel given by grenache from our properties and harvested at perfect maturity.

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Winery Domaine Royal De Jarras

Region: Languedoc Roussillon

If you've ever drank and enjoyed a French wine, there is a high chance that it hailed from Languedoc Roussillon, a hugely important historic wine region which produces over a third of the country's wine each year. Indeed, the output of Languedoc Roussillon even exceeds that of the entire United States, and has hundreds of thousands of acres of land under vine, growing a wide range of red and white grapes. Languedoc Roussillon is one of the oldest and most important wine regions in the world, with a history which stretches back over the millennia to the ancient Greeks, who adored the warm and humid Mediterranean climate which is ideal for viticulture. From still red and white wines, to dessert wines and crémants, Languedoc Roussillon truly has something of quality and character for everyone, and every palate.

Country: France

Year in, year out, France enjoys its prestigious reputation as the producer of the finest wines in the world. With a wine making history which spans several thousand years and owes its expertise to the Romans, it comes as little surprise that this most highly esteemed of the Old World wine countries continues to impress and enchant both novices and experts to this day. Despite the rise in quality of wines from neighboring European countries, not to mention the New World, the French wine industry continues to boom, with up to eight billion bottles being produced in recent years. However, France prides itself on always putting quality before quantity, and the wide range in fine produce is a testament to the dedication and knowledge of the wineries across the country. Indeed, from rich and complex reds to light and aromatic white wines, French wines are as varied and interesting as they are enjoyable to drink, making this country a firm favorite for wine lovers across the globe.