Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups Triple Zero NV 750ml
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Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups Triple Zero NV

Vouvray/Touraine - Loire Valley - France

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Rated 92 by Decanter
One of the world’s great-value sparkling wines, this is made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, from 50-year-old vines fermented with natural yeasts. Triple Zéro means no sugar added at any point – you get crisp, focused notes of citrus and peaches. Certified organic. Drinking Window 2017 - 2020.
Rated 92 by Wine & Spirits
Triple Zéro is one of the wines Jacky Blot developed in the early 1990s, after he switched from wine broker to Loire winemaker. It’s conceived as a natural, bottle-fermented sparkling wine, made from a careful selection of clean grapes from vines more than 50 years old, ripe enough so that he doesn’t need to chaptalize (the first instance of zero added sugar referred to in the name). The wine spontaneously ferments in old barriques, then he bottles it when the residual sugar in the juice has fallen to 12 grams per liter, so he doesn’t need to add any liqueur de tirage to feed its fermentation in bottle (the second instance of zero added sugar). He leaves it on its lees for 24 months in bottle before clarifying it through riddling, then disgorges the lees and tops off the bottle with some of the same wine rather than any dosage (the third zero). No surprise that the wine is completely dry. The first impression is brisk limestone and tart lemon acidity before it opens to something lush and delicious, fragrant with red spice and white fruit. This will age well, or serve as an aperitif for oysters or a dinner wine with roast fish.
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Winery Domaine de la Taille Aux Loups

Region: Loire Valley

Despite being most closely associated with fine white wines made with the excellent Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc varietal grapes which thrive there, the region of the Loire Valley in France also produces several other quality wines. The sub-region of Chinon is highly esteemed for its excellent Cabernet Franc based red wines, packed full of unique character and excellent fruity flavors, and the sparkling crémant wines of the region are adored by people all over the world. The region benefits enormously from the fertile valley it sits in, and the oceanic breezes which blow over the area, cooling the vines and helping them reach full and balanced levels of ripeness. The Loire Valley is an ancient wine region, with a viticultural history which stretches back two thousand years and is stronger than ever today.

Country: France

It is widely understood and accepted that the finest wines in the world come out of France. Whether you are drinking a vintage bottle from one of the famed Grand Cru wineries of Bordeaux - such as Chateau Margaux or Chateau Lafite-Rothschild - or a more simple and affordable bottle from one of the lesser known appellations in Burgundy, the likelihood is that the wine is packed full of intense and interesting flavors, and has a fine, balanced structure typical of almost all French produce. This reputation for excellence is taken extremely serious by the French, with dozens of regularly updated laws and regulations ensuring the quality and accurate labeling of wines. Such dedication and passion for fine wine, representative of the region in which it is produced, means customers can be assured that when they buy a bottle from France, they are buying something almost certain to please and delight.